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Sat 27th Feb, 5:51am

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Fast, FREE, Convenient, NZ-owned Trading Site Launched

Many will remember the 1990s as the decade when the internet became available to householders in general. But the current decade will surely be remembered as the one in which the internet grew up into a practical tool for modern living.

One area that has developed into a frenzy of activity is the phenomenon of internet trading sites. Heralded for their “convenience” in selling small-value items in particular, most surfers would have connected with one by now.

However, because the large, well-known sites such as the one recently sold to Australian-owned publishing interests for hundreds of millions of dollars, take a sales commission and lever extra payments for many of their “convenience” features, using their services has become complex, frustrating and expensive. Moreover, if you’re like most New Zealanders, you’re probably fed up with the long download times caused by over-zealous web designers who, using the luxury of their broadband connection, seem to create ever more complex pages to squeeze down your dial-up modem.

There is an alternative -- EzyAuctioNZ, and it offers all the benefits and convenience of on-line trading, but doesn’t have the drawbacks suffered under the established big players.

EzyAuctioNZ has been developed by gifted web guru Scott G., working from his home in a small New Zealand country township.

Says Scott: “We can’t get broadband where I live, and there’s not much chance of getting broadband in large areas of New Zealand -- Telecom’s obviously just not interested.”

“New Zealanders are proud of their ability to triumph over adversity, and I’m no exception, so I decided to approach the problem from the other direction and create a trading site that doesn’t need broadband.”

“Pages on EzyAuctioNZ generally download on my dial-up connection in under five seconds! This means EzyAuctioNZ is actually fun to use!”

“Also, the established trading sites are complicated and restrictive to use because of their penny-pinching charging regime wherein users find a new charge or a new restriction at every turn.”

“So I decided to offer totally free trading, and allow sellers and buyers to have direct e-mail or private messaging contact once a sale has been made -- it’s called convenience!”

EzyAuctioNZ has many useful points of difference (check the link on our home page to see what they are), and while you’re there please feel FREE to take advantage of our FREE registration, FREE listing, FREE buying, and FREE classifieds.

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