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For a limited time, we will pay you up to $1* for each person that you refer to this site !

The first group of people that referred others to our site have been paid, we are continuing to run the referral programme, so remember to tell everyone you know about this site !

This is based on a graduated scale, and a referal is only deemed applicable if the user signs up to the site.

* As we are a free site, we do not have a huge amount of money to throw around, so we have to use this scaled system to keep the costs down (which keeps the site free!).
The maximum amount that will be paid for referrals is $100.

Please see below for applicable rates, only a single rate will apply:
  • If you refer up to 10 people you will get a maximum amount of $10 ($1 per user).
  • If you refer up to 20 people you will get a maximum amount of $15 ($0.75 per user).
  • If you refer up to 50 people you will get a maximum amount of $25 ($0.50 per user).
  • If you refer more than 50 people you will get $0.25 per user, up to the maximum of $100.

When refering a user to the site, ensure that they specify your username !
If they do not tell us who referred them, we will not know who to count the user for.

Instruct any people that you refer to select "Referred by..." from the "How did you find this site" menu, and enter your username (make sure you tell them it !) in the "Additonal Information" box when they sign up.

Terms and conditions:
  1. You must be a current member to participate.
  2. The referrals will be tallied once every six months.
  3. Referrals only qualify if the user is not an immediate family member, and is not living at the same address, and registers on the site, stating the person that referred them by username or full name.
  4. The payment cannot be exchanged for other items or services, with the exception of category advertising, which could be negotiated if applicable.
  5. Neither the referrer, or the referee may attempt to assume multiple identities in order to boost the numbers, anyone caught doing this will be banned from the site.
  6. The referal counts will be made shortly after the cut off date, payments will begin approximately 1 week after counts are completed and the users notified, payments wil be made as the funds become available, funds are only able to be paid directly into a bank account, no other payment option is available, if you cannot accept the payment method you are not eligible to enter.
  7. By accepting the offer, the user authorises EzyAuctioNZ to include their name in EzyAuctioNZ promotional materials.

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