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Sun 16th Jun, 8:04pm
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Current items that TMG has for sale:

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ImageTitlePriceFinish Time
Malawi 1999 noreserve buynow $1.50Sun 16th Jun, 11:30pm
Zimbabwe 2000 noreserve buynow $1.00Sun 16th Jun, 11:44pm
GB – 1993 10 GB – 1993 10 Pound Higher Value noreserve buynow $10.00Sun 16th Jun, 11:56pm
Jersey 1998 DayJersey 1998 Days Gone By noreserve buynow $3.00Mon 17th Jun, 12:14am
Congo Republic Congo Republic – Flowers & Fauna on Stamps noreserve buynow $2.00Mon 17th Jun, 12:19am
Guernsey 2004 FGuernsey 2004 Flowers noreserve buynow $2.50Mon 17th Jun, 12:28am
Malawi 1988 BirMalawi 1988 Birds noreserve buynow $7.50Mon 17th Jun, 12:56am
NZ 1976 ChristmNZ 1976 Christmas noreserve buynow
issue date 6 Oct 1976
$1.00Mon 17th Jun, 1:01am
GB 1990 Birth AGB 1990 Birth Anniversary of Thomas Hardy noreserve buynow
issue date 10 Jul 1990
$0.60Mon 17th Jun, 1:17am
Australia 2009 Australia 2009 Songbirds noreserve buynow
issue date – 09 Sep 2009
$0.40Mon 17th Jun, 1:22am
Netherlands 199Netherlands 1998 Delft Self Adhesives noreserve buynow $1.50Mon 17th Jun, 1:22am
NZ 2009 Scenic NZ 2009 Scenic Defins – Russell noreserve buynow
issue date 1 Jul 2009
$3.00Mon 17th Jun, 1:29am
NZ 1981 BeehiveNZ 1981 Beehive noreserve buynow
issue date 2 Dec 1981
$4.00Mon 17th Jun, 1:31am
CI – 1995 40tCI – 1995 40th Anniv. Christmas Island Golf Course noreserve buynow $4.00Mon 17th Jun, 1:31am
Australia 1979 Australia 1979 Fishing noreserve buynow
issue date 24 Oct 1979
$1.25Mon 17th Jun, 1:32am
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia – used selection noreserve buynow
up to 1992
$4.00Mon 17th Jun, 1:36am
Netherlands SelNetherlands Selection noreserve buynow $3.50Mon 17th Jun, 1:40am
GB 2003 ExtremeGB 2003 Extreme Endeavours (Explorers) 1st sa noreserve buynow
issue date 29 Apr 2003
$4.75Mon 17th Jun, 1:41am
Netherlands –Netherlands – 1944 Child Welfare UHM noreserve buynow $2.00Mon 17th Jun, 1:47am
Pitcairn IslandPitcairn Island Flowers noreserve buynow $1.00Mon 17th Jun, 1:50am
GB 1995 ChristmGB 1995 Christmas – Christmas Robins noreserve buynow
issue date 30 Oct 1995
$5.00Mon 17th Jun, 1:50am
GB 1995 ChristmNorway 1992 noreserve buynow $1.90Mon 17th Jun, 1:56am
Ireland 1995 EuIreland 1995 Europa noreserve buynow $1.40Mon 17th Jun, 1:57am
Slovakia – usSlovakia – used selection noreserve buynow
from 1993 to 2000 ish
$3.60Mon 17th Jun, 1:57am
NZ 2010 QueenstNZ 2010 Queenstown Scenic Adhesive noreserve buynow
issue date 4 Aug 2010
$1.60Mon 17th Jun, 1:59am

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