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Thu 16th Aug, 6:19pm
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Current items that TMG has for sale:

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ImageTitlePriceFinish Time
Netherlands –Netherlands – 1944 Child Welfare UHM noreserve buynow $2.00Thu 16th Aug, 7:58pm
Australia 1998 Australia 1998 Native Orchids Singapore noreserve buynow
issue date 6 Aug 1998
$1.00Thu 16th Aug, 7:59pm
Australia – 1Australia – 1993 Australia Day noreserve buynow
issue date 14 Jan 1993
$1.00Thu 16th Aug, 8:39pm
Malta – used Malta – used selection noreserve buynow $3.00Thu 16th Aug, 9:11pm
Australia 2006 Australia 2006 Whales Down Under noreserve buynow
issue date 6 Jun 2006
$2.00Thu 16th Aug, 11:17pm
United Nations United Nations noreserve buynow $0.70Thu 16th Aug, 11:21pm
Norway 1999 InvNorway 1999 Inventions noreserve buynow $1.00Thu 16th Aug, 11:27pm
Australia 1994 Australia 1994 Thinking of You CTO noreserve buynow
issue date 3 Feb 1994
$2.20Thu 16th Aug, 11:36pm
NZ – NZIM KiwNZ – NZIM Kiwi Stamps noreserve buynow $2.40Thu 16th Aug, 11:38pm
Australia CI Australia CI – 1995 40th Anniversary Golf Course noreserve buynow $4.00Thu 16th Aug, 11:42pm
GB 1997 Royal GGB 1997 Royal Golden Wedding noreserve buynow
issue date 13 Nov 1997
$4.00Thu 16th Aug, 11:43pm
Australia  1993Australia 1993 Dinosaurs Era CTO set noreserve buynow
issue date 1 Oct 1993
$3.20Thu 16th Aug, 11:45pm
Australia InterAustralia International Selection noreserve buynow $6.00Thu 16th Aug, 11:46pm
NZ 1989 SpottedNZ 1989 Spotted Kiwi $10 noreserve buynow
issue date 19 Apr 1989
$5.00Thu 16th Aug, 11:47pm
GB 1978 25th AnGB 1978 25th Anniversary of Coronation noreserve buynow
issue date 31 May 1978
$1.60Thu 16th Aug, 11:54pm
Australia 1997 Australia 1997 Wetlands Birds noreserve buynow
issue date 2 Jun 1997
$3.00Thu 16th Aug, 11:54pm
Australia 2003 Australia 2003 Bugs & Butterflies noreserve buynow
issue date 24 Sep 2003
$2.50Thu 16th Aug, 11:55pm
Netherlands –Netherlands – older 1876 Set noreserve buynow $4.00Thu 16th Aug, 11:55pm
Christmas IslanChristmas Islands 1973 Christmas noreserve buynow $1.00Fri 17th Aug, 12:00am
Yemen – FamouYemen – Famous Art of Egypt MS noreserve buynow $3.00Fri 17th Aug, 12:03am
Australia 2007 Australia 2007 Zodiacs noreserve buynow
issue date 3 Apr 2007
$3.50Fri 17th Aug, 12:06am
Australia 2002 Australia 2002 Nature of Australia – Desert Star noreserve buynow
issue date 4 Jun 2002
$1.50Fri 17th Aug, 12:12am
Australia 2011 Australia 2011 Farming Australia noreserve buynow
issue date 17 May 2011
$2.00Fri 17th Aug, 12:12am
Australia 2009 Australia 2009 Lets Get Active noreserve buynow
issue date 06 Oct 2009
$2.50Fri 17th Aug, 12:15am
GB 1994 SummertGB 1994 Summertime Events noreserve buynow
issue date 2 Aug 1994
$4.00Fri 17th Aug, 12:18am

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