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Thu 2nd Apr, 3:56am
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Current items that TMG has for sale:

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ImageTitlePriceFinish Time
Australia 2010 Australia 2010 Adopted & Adored (Dogs) noreserve buynow
issue date 29 Jun 2010
$2.50Thu 2nd Apr, 3:59am
Guernsey 2004 FGuernsey 2004 Flowers noreserve buynow $3.20Thu 2nd Apr, 4:33am
GB 1981 Royal WGB 1981 Royal Wedding noreserve buynow
issue date 22 Jul 1981
$1.00Fri 3rd Apr, 12:38am
GB 2002 BridgesGB 2002 Bridges of London noreserve buynow
issue date 10 Sep 2002
$7.00Fri 3rd Apr, 12:41am
NZ 2011 KiwistaNZ 2011 Kiwistamp Set noreserve buynow $2.00Fri 3rd Apr, 12:46am
GB 1994 ScottisGB 1994 Scottish Golf Courses noreserve buynow
issue date 5 Jul 1994
$4.50Fri 3rd Apr, 12:56am
Netherlands –Netherlands – used selection noreserve buynow $4.00Fri 3rd Apr, 1:08am
GB 2002 Jet AviGB 2002 Jet Aviation 1st Adhesive noreserve buynow $6.00Fri 3rd Apr, 1:09am
GB 2000 MillennGB 2000 Millennium Projects 11th Series noreserve buynow
issue date 7 Nov 2000
$5.00Fri 3rd Apr, 1:11am
Fiji 1938 King Fiji 1938 King George Era noreserve buynow $14.00Fri 3rd Apr, 1:18am
Australia 2009 Australia 2009 Inventive Australia noreserve buynow
issue date 19 Feb 2009
$2.50Fri 3rd Apr, 1:23am
GB 2003 ChristmGB 2003 Christmas – Ice Sculptures by Andy Golds noreserve buynow
issue date 4 Nov 2003
$7.00Fri 3rd Apr, 1:25am
GB 1993 The FouGB 1993 The Four Seasons noreserve buynow
issue date 14 Sep 1993
$4.25Fri 3rd Apr, 1:32am
Malawi – usedMalawi – used selection noreserve buynow
late 1980's – 1990's
$7.50Fri 3rd Apr, 1:33am
GB 1997 ReligioGB 1997 Religious Anniversaries noreserve buynow
issue date 11 Mar 1997
$3.50Fri 3rd Apr, 1:34am
East Germany  1East Germany 1973 Scenics noreserve buynow $3.10Fri 3rd Apr, 1:40am
GB 2001 Punch &GB 2001 Punch & Judy Show Puppets noreserve buynow
issue date 4 Sep 2001
$23.00Fri 3rd Apr, 1:42am
GB 2002 Tower BGB 2002 Tower Bridge 1st Adhesive noreserve buynow $7.00Fri 3rd Apr, 1:44am
Australia 2003 Australia 2003 Bugs & Butterflies noreserve buynow
issue date 24 Sep 2003
$2.50Fri 3rd Apr, 1:44am
NZ 1988 Native NZ 1988 Native Birds – Takahe noreserve buynow
issue date 20 Apr 1988
$3.40Fri 3rd Apr, 1:45am
Ireland 1995 EuIreland 1995 Europa noreserve buynow $1.40Fri 3rd Apr, 1:47am
GB 2001 ChristmGB 2001 Christmas Robins noreserve buynow
issue date 6 Nov 2001
$6.00Fri 3rd Apr, 1:49am
GB 1987 ChristmGB 1987 Christmas noreserve buynow
issue date 17 Nov 1987
$4.00Fri 3rd Apr, 1:53am
GB 2002 World CGB 2002 World Cup Football Championship noreserve buynow
issue date 21 May 2002
$7.00Fri 3rd Apr, 2:01am
NZ 2009 Scenic NZ 2009 Scenic Defins – Russell noreserve buynow
issue date 1 Jul 2009
$3.00Fri 3rd Apr, 2:02am

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