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Thu 21st Feb, 7:51pm
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Current items that TMG has for sale:

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ImageTitlePriceFinish Time
GB 1990 Birth AGB 1990 Birth Anniversary of Thomas Hardy noreserve buynow
issue date 10 Jul 1990
$0.60Thu 21st Feb, 9:00pm
GB 1994 ChristmGB 1994 Christmas noreserve buynow
issue date 1 Nov 1994
$3.75Thu 21st Feb, 9:13pm
GB 2003 ChristmGB 2003 Christmas noreserve buynow
issue date 4 Nov 2003
$8.00Thu 21st Feb, 10:33pm
Netherlands –Netherlands – older 1876 Set noreserve buynow $3.60Thu 21st Feb, 10:40pm
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia – used selection noreserve buynow
up to 1992
$4.00Thu 21st Feb, 10:59pm
Australia 2006 Australia 2006 – 2007 sheet stamps noreserve buynow $5.00Thu 21st Feb, 11:06pm
Australia – 2Australia – 2014 Australian Red Cross Centenary noreserve buynow
issue date 6 May 2014
$0.50Fri 22nd Feb, 12:11am
Netherlands 195Netherlands 1956 Child Welfare Fund noreserve buynow $2.50Fri 22nd Feb, 12:30am
Australia 1992 Australia 1992 Christmas CTO Set noreserve buynow
issue date 30 Oct 1992
$1.80Fri 22nd Feb, 12:37am
Zimbabwe SelectZimbabwe Selection noreserve buynow $2.30Fri 22nd Feb, 12:39am
GB 1999 MillennGB 1999 Millennium Series – The Christians' Tale noreserve buynow
issue date 2 Nov 1999
$4.50Fri 22nd Feb, 12:51am
Australia – 2Australia – 2006 Tasmanian Devil Internationals noreserve buynow
issue date 6 Mar 2006
$2.75Fri 22nd Feb, 1:00am
2008 Gorgeous A2008 Gorgeous Australia noreserve buynow
issue date 03 Mar 2008
$1.20Fri 22nd Feb, 1:11am
Netherlands SelNetherlands Selection noreserve buynow $3.50Fri 22nd Feb, 1:22am
Guernsey 2001 IGuernsey 2001 Island Scenes noreserve buynow $2.10Fri 22nd Feb, 1:23am
Australia 2015 Australia 2015 Honoured by Australia noreserve buynow
issue date 5 Oct 2015
$1.50Fri 22nd Feb, 1:27am
Australia 2002 Australia 2002 Flinders–Baudin Bicentenary noreserve buynow
issue date 24 Apr 2002
$2.00Fri 22nd Feb, 1:41am
Australia – 2Australia – 2001 Opening National Museum noreserve buynow
issue date 8 Mar 2001
$1.25Fri 22nd Feb, 1:46am
GB 2001 ChristmGB 2001 Christmas Robins noreserve buynow
issue date 6 Nov 2001
$5.00Fri 22nd Feb, 1:46am
USA Airmail finUSA Airmail fine used selection noreserve buynow $2.20Fri 22nd Feb, 1:46am
Fiji  1938 KingFiji 1938 King George Era noreserve buynow $4.25Fri 22nd Feb, 1:48am
Zimbabwe SelectZimbabwe Selection noreserve buynow $2.30Fri 22nd Feb, 1:50am
Australia 2010 Australia 2010 Kokoda Joint Issue set noreserve buynow
issue date 10 Apr 2010
$3.00Fri 22nd Feb, 1:51am
Australia – 2Australia – 2002 Diplomatic Relations –Thailand noreserve buynow
issue date 6 Aug 2002
$2.00Fri 22nd Feb, 1:58am
Czech Republic Czech Republic – used selection noreserve buynow
from approx 1993 to 2000 ish
$4.00Fri 22nd Feb, 2:02am

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