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Tue 17th Oct, 5:01pm
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Current items that Trish has for sale:

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ImageTitlePriceFinish Time
The Great Hunt The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan noreserve buynow $12.00Tue 17th Oct, 7:09pm
By V.J. Hewitt
$50.00Wed 18th Oct, 2:34pm
David CopperfieDavid Copperfield by Charles Dickens old book noreserve buynow $15.00Thu 19th Oct, 1:14pm
 Globetrotting Globetrotting Simpson by Ron Bisman noreserve buynow $20.00Thu 19th Oct, 2:48pm
Murder on the OMurder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie noreserve $9.00Thu 19th Oct, 2:52pm
Sigma 1980&ndasSigma 1980–83 Service & Repair Manual noreserve buynow
GHGJ Series Gregory's Manual
$25.00Thu 19th Oct, 3:02pm
Mrs Beeton'Mrs Beeton's Every Day Cooking and Housekeeping noreserve
$100.00Thu 19th Oct, 8:08pm
The Belgariad &The Belgariad – Enchanters' End Game noreserve
by David Eddings
$7.00Thu 19th Oct, 11:05pm
Gardening and FGardening and Fishing Perpetual Lunar Guide NZ noreserve New
Produced by PrintLife
$19.00Fri 20th Oct, 11:46am
Gardening and FGardening and Fishing Perpetual Lunar Guide NZ noreserve New
Produced by PrintLife
$19.00Fri 20th Oct, 11:53am
 Breaking the N Breaking the Nation–Thatcher's Britain noreserve $10.00Sun 22nd Oct, 2:46pm
Thatcher'sThatcher's Britain–A guide to the ruins noreserve $10.00Sun 22nd Oct, 3:09pm
Improve your WrImprove your Writing noreserve buynow
book By Ron Fry
$10.00Mon 23rd Oct, 1:26pm
The Edge of theThe Edge of the Pond by Robin Moore noreserve buynow $7.00Mon 23rd Oct, 4:44pm
book Live the Lbook Live the Life You Love by Barbara Sher noreserve $15.00Tue 24th Oct, 6:22pm
I Could Do AnytI Could Do Anything If only I knew what it was noreserve
by Barbara Sher Best Seller
$15.00Tue 24th Oct, 7:53pm
 BLOODY BONES B BLOODY BONES By Laurell K Hamilton noreserve buynow $9.00Tue 24th Oct, 10:42pm
 Hornet's Hornet's Nest by Patricia Cornwell noreserve $8.00Tue 24th Oct, 10:51pm
The Vicar of WaThe Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith noreserve $7.00Tue 24th Oct, 11:50pm
1967 Crystals, 1967 Crystals, Minerals, and Rocks book noreserve buynow $30.00Thu 26th Oct, 1:06am
JINGO by Terry JINGO by Terry Pratchett noreserve buynow $9.00Thu 26th Oct, 8:59pm
Datsun BluebirdDatsun Bluebird 1972 to 1978 Manual noreserve buynow
160B & 180B Mk l & Mk ll Haynes Manual
$25.00Thu 26th Oct, 9:28pm
PLATO Early SocPLATO Early Socratic Dialogues noreserve buynow $10.00Thu 26th Oct, 9:30pm
BARNABY RUDGE bBARNABY RUDGE by Edwin Drood & Charles Dickens noreserve buynow $10.00Thu 26th Oct, 9:39pm
BARNABY RUDGE bNZ Weather noreserve $2.00Thu 26th Oct, 9:47pm

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