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Fri 14th Aug, 4:57pm
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Information about: norman

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Current items that norman has for sale:

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ImageTitlePriceFinish Time
Radermachera BoRadermachera Bowl and Lid noreserve New$85.00Fri 14th Aug, 5:46pm
Radermachera BoTotara Bowl noreserve New$85.00Fri 14th Aug, 5:58pm
Macrocarpa BowlMacrocarpa Bowl With Segmented Rim noreserve New$80.00Fri 14th Aug, 6:06pm
Segmented FruitSegmented Fruit Bowl noreserve New$85.00Fri 14th Aug, 6:06pm
Segmented FruitRimu Platter noreserve New$45.00Fri 14th Aug, 6:13pm
Segmented FruitBeech Bowl noreserve New$60.00Fri 14th Aug, 6:28pm
Segmented FruitKauri Bowl noreserve New$50.00Fri 14th Aug, 6:56pm
Medium Kauri BoMedium Kauri Bowl noreserve New$80.00Fri 14th Aug, 6:57pm
Medium Kauri BoRimu Nut Bowl noreserve New$45.00Fri 14th Aug, 6:58pm
Pohutukawa BowlPohutukawa Bowl noreserve New$65.00Fri 14th Aug, 7:03pm

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