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Wed 22nd Jan, 8:43pm
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Current items that tradex has for sale:

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ImageTitlePriceFinish Time
Unisex StainlesUnisex Stainless Steel Ring size 11 noreserve buynow New$15.00Tue 28th Jan, 8:44pm
Ladles. 925SS rLadles. 925SS ring set size 9 noreserve buynow New$25.00Tue 28th Jan, 9:20pm
Fidget spinnersFidget spinners noreserve buynow New$3.00Tue 28th Jan, 9:40pm
Ladies Chokers Ladies Chokers (clearance noreserve buynow New$10.00Tue 28th Jan, 9:52pm
Spike Ring sizeSpike Ring size 10 noreserve buynow New$15.00Wed 29th Jan, 11:57am
Ladies 2pce StaLadies 2pce Stainless Steel Ring Set size 9 noreserve buynow New$20.00Wed 29th Jan, 12:24pm
Mens Tyre DesigMens Tyre Design Stainless Steel Ring size 12 noreserve buynow New$15.00Wed 29th Jan, 12:43pm
Multi Coloured Multi Coloured Stone Ring size 11 noreserve buynow New$15.00Wed 29th Jan, 3:06pm
Unisex StainlesUnisex Stainless Steel Ring various sizes noreserve buynow New$10.00Wed 29th Jan, 3:21pm
Ladies Drop EarLadies Drop Ear Rings noreserve buynow New$5.00Wed 29th Jan, 3:31pm
Unisex StainlesUnisex Stainless Steel Ring size 11 noreserve buynow New$15.00Wed 29th Jan, 3:52pm
Titanium unisexTitanium unisex rings size 12 noreserve buynow New$15.00Sat 1st Feb, 10:31pm

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