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NZ auction for  WHISTLE Tin/Penny CLARKE SWEETONE D Black+POUCH  for sale.

In Key of "D", WHISTLE Sweetone

Plus Pouch

UK made.

Hygienically sealed mouthpiece by Clarke's Workshop.

Comes with Fingering Chart and instructions.

Whistle! considered one of the Best Whistles by experienced players.
Clarke are renowned the world over for their quality whistles.
Genuine English Clarke Sweetone

The Clarke whistle has a sound far above its modest cost.

Having just six holes, it is even simpler than a recorder.

Their story begins with Robert Clarke, a poor agricultural labourer in the village of Coney Weston, Suffolk, England, who made the first tin whistle in the year 1843. He appreciated it's unique sound compared with the wooden ones then available, and decided to manufacture the whistle, so loaded a barrow with tinplate and tools, walked across England to Manchester with his young son to set up a workshop. Along the way, he made whistles and played in markets for cash.
The business remained in the Clarke family until 1986, when it was sold.

The new owners commissioned bespoke whistle maker Michael Copeland to design a new plastic mouthpiece, hence creating this "Sweetone" model. With a very efficient mouthpiece, which means one can blow long musical phrases in one breath.

The "D" whistle plays the note of "D" when all the holes are covered, and as each hole is uncovered from the lower end of the whistle, the note played rises to E, F sharp, G, and so on in the scale of D major. The next octave above is reached by repeating the action, but with a stronger breath, so the instrument has a range of about two octaves.

The "D" whistle is the one most commonly used in Irish music.

Sweetone whistles are a great introduction to playing music.

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